Office Address:
Surrey/White Rock, BC

*Permission to communicate in this format is deemed to be granted upon first contact by a prospective client; however, this format cannot guarantee confidentiality and is primarily used for scheduling appointments.

Telephone: 778-251-7261 (Free 15 minute consult regarding your concern)


Video calling or in-person: Tuesdays – Thursdays, including Wednesday evenings.

About my video calling system & Client satisfaction:

  • OnCall Health is PIPA/PIPEDA compliant, with end-to-end encryption, and is approved by the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors.
  • Efficacy research suggests that online counseling is clinically efficacious and roughly equivalent to face to face (F2F) therapy (Kraus, 2010).
  • Online clients present the same goals to therapists as F2F clients do (Richards & Vigano, 2013).
  • Client satisfaction is equivalent to F2F therapy (Murphy et al., 2009, Zoren, 2016).
  • EMDR is possible through this format.

 What you will need to ensure a successful video session:

  • PLEASE ENSURE YOU WILL HAVE A PRIVATE, UNINTERRUPTED SPACE FOR YOUR VIDEO CALL to protect the confidentiality of our conversation.
  • Currently, the ‘Secure Video Client’ application of OnCall Health will not open on Windows 6 or older or macOS 10.11 or older (they are trying to fix this) so if you have an older operating system, please contact support to enable the feature that will allow you to connect via Google Chrome or Firefox.