Trauma Counselling

PLEASE NOTE:  I AM CURRENTLY NOT TAKING ANY NEW CLIENTS FOR TRAUMA THERAPY ALONE.  However, if your past trauma has impacted your sexuality and intimate relationships you are welcome to seek my services in Sex Therapy, or if you are covered by the Crime Victim Assistance Program for a sexual matter.

As a Trauma Therapist, I practice the tri-phasic model of trauma therapy, integrating other major therapeutic approaches such as: CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), Feminist/Anti-oppression theory, Mindfulness and stress management practices.

We will collaborate to determine your needs, work toward gaining necessary information, insights, and coping strategies, to enable you to grow in your potential. Regardless of past disappointments and challenges you can have a more satisfying sexual and intimate relationship life.

Sex Therapy

PLEASE NOTE: I AM CURRENTLY SEEING clients primarily by online video sessions with a few in-person sessions available at a South Surrey office. I see both couples and individuals. Even if your partner doesn’t want to attend, working on your own dynamics may improve your intimate/sexual relationships.

Some of the common reasons people seek Sex Therapy are: difficulties with sexual interest and/or arousal, rapid ejaculation, inability to orgasm, or pelvic/vaginal pain.

Sex therapy is an ever changing field.  I believe in the New View* approach, which does not simply medicalize sexual problems but sees them in terms of a number of factors, such as: 1) sociocultural, political or economic contexts, 2) partner and relationship issues, 3) psychological factors, and/or 4) medical and/or physiological factors.

I practice Intimacy based* Sex Therapy in which the goals are: mutual satisfaction, greater capacity for intimacy, the development of self-esteem and not merely the removal of a sexual dysfunction.

*Kleinplatz (2012)

Relationship/ Couples Counselling

My trauma work has led me to understand how deeply rooted, negative patterns can contribute to intimacy and sexuality issues, such as self-esteem and trust.

Couples will be provided a framework for working together through the Gottman Method. This framework helps couples communicate to understand each others’ behaviours and deeper needs. Through such communication intimacy can be restored and, ultimately, sexual satisfaction.

Additional individual sessions may further explore the foundations of your personality, through which I can assist you to better understand your own interpersonal dynamics and relationship patterns.

When you see that you have a problem you want to work on, due to your relationship dynamics, let me help you make the shift toward better interpersonal relating through self-awareness, skill building and personal growth. It is always helpful, at any age, to work on your issues to improve your intimate relationships now and for the future.